triggerSo, the other day, I went to see a movie with my husband. We actually drove to the theater, removed ourselves from the car and went inside a movie theater. Normally, we are both so tired in the evenings, we turn on the television and watch the least excruciatingly painful show that we can find (one that doesn’t involve the Kardashians, any political musings or talking animals). Oh – and it cannot be Lord of the Rings…I’m sorry, but my husband has seen that movie so many times that he recites it in his sleep (he sees himself as Aragorn but I think it is more Bilbo Baggins).

Anyway, I digress. After the initial shock of the ticket price (and listening to my husband tell me we could have watched LOTR for free at home) we found our seats and sat down. I immediately began an inner discussion with myself that went as follows: “you can have popcorn, it’s one time, just do it” to which my other self replied “you aren’t even hungry, you just ate, why are you wanting popcorn” and then another voice chimed in “I think they have LOTR collectible popcorn containers” WAIT! Scratch that last one…that was just my husband musing beside me.

I realized, at that moment, something very important. My senses were telling me I wanted popcorn. Being in the theater, smelling the popcorn…my mind was informing me that I needed that popcorn to fully enjoy this experience. I found out these are called triggers. Triggers in eating are emotions or situations that “trigger” a feeling that you need to eat. Getting in a fight with one of my kids? TRIGGER! Money frustrations? TRIGGER! Failing at losing weight? TRIGGER! I can remember sleepless nights when my children were babies, it would be 3AM and I would be making macaroni and cheese. Why? TRIGGER!

How do we handle these triggers when they confront us and tell us that we really need that cupcake if we are going to sit down and pay bills? We must remember that we are in control of our body. Our body is not in control of us. Years and years of bad eating habits cannot be changed overnight. We can’t expect to never fail. It will happen. But what happens after that is what makes us who we are.

I AM IN CHARGE! I don’t need food to tell me how I feel or to deal with awkward situations. I do need confidence and love of myself! If I want popcorn, then I will make the decision to eat popcorn and I will then be responsible for fitting that into my eating plan. For the record, I didn’t eat the popcorn. The reason? I cannot stop after one handful of popcorn. In fact, I can’t stop after TEN handfuls of popcorn. Therefore, I MADE THE DECISION to not have popcorn.

You and I have the power to control ourselves. We have all heard the statement “I just can’t control myself around your chocolate cake”! YES you can. You can control yourself by outfitting your mind and body with alternative solutions to your triggers. Don’t think you can control yourself around that cake? Take a second to walk around the block, eat a small snack or even BLOG (OK…you got me, there’s a fudge brownie sitting on my table daring me to walk by it). After you take a second away from that food…you can disarm your trigger.

THE POWER IS WITHIN! We are all stronger than we realize. Work that inner confidence and that inner strength and be a Body DIVA!

What are your triggers? Let me know and we can blast ’em together!

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