WAIT and not WEIGHT!


UGH! Two weeks and no weight loss!!


  2. EXERCISING? Check
  4. ENOUGH SLEEP? Check

It’s so frustrating. To work so hard and then have nothing to show for it. I was whining to my sister about this and she asked me:

 “What would you say to your daughter if she came to you with this same problem?”

Well, I know exactly what I would say. I would tell her to not let two weeks overshadow the past year. I would remind her of all the changes her body has gone through and tell her that maybe her body is trying to adapt to those changes. I would tell her to not quit because of a simple pause in loss and to not give in to those temptations to “eat crap” because “it just doesn’t matter anyway“.  I would tell her it does matter and she matters. I am proud of her and I admire how determined she has been on this very difficult journey.

I wrote that down, I did. Exactly like what you just read – I wrote it down. Then I went in front of the mirror and read it to myself. Except for one difference: I changed HER to ME. 

Being overweight, it is very hard for me to focus on myself, very hard to take me-time. I mean, me me-time used to involve a pack of Pepperidge Farm Milano cookies and a book (and I am not talking about a few cookies…I mean the whole pack).

This journey has been so difficult and so revealing to me. I cannot judge my success or failure by the scale. That will not work. That was the old me. My journey is not a temporary fix. This journey is the rest of my life. I am not on a “two-week cleanse” or a “lose 40 pounds in 40 days” diet. I am on a “from now unto forever” way of living.

My eating has changed for the rest of my life. I cannot go back to old habits and I have had to find other ways of dealing with my triggers. I realize the scale is one of those triggers. If I KNOW I am eating right and I am exercising…why am I listening to that little white metal “he who shall not be named” that sits on my bathroom floor?

No more. I know it will take time. Time is going to pass anyway. How do I want to feel in the next 4 to 6 months? Do I want to go back to a life that made me feel not in control and miserable and scared or do I like this new me? This me that feels good, this  me that walked into the Mall and shopped for my daughter’s birthday, this me that stands up and gets her own water rather than ask the “nearest kid”. No…I definitely prefer this me.

As my son said the other day, “Mom, now that you are not as fat, you get out of the car and go into the stores”.  Ahhhh…words to my ears!

How about you? What are your triggers? Keep your chin up and face the day with a new you attitude!

Love you all!

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