At the Gym in Bora Bora

le-moana-overwater-bungalows_exteriorDo you have a dream vacation? A place you have always wanted to go so badly that you can see it in your head? That’s how I feel about Bora Bora. My husband and I have always wanted to go there. It is never far from my mind. When I am standing in line at the grocery store, I envision myself standing by my hut above the beautiful blue water waiting on Jacques (my personal waiter) to cut me a fresh pineapple for lunch.  When I am driving down the road, I can see the beautiful green hills surrounding the extinct volcanoes on the island of Bora Bora. How do I know they are extinct? Jacques told me while he packed me a fresh picnic to take on my drive. Yes, you could say I have a bit of an obsession!

So, I have been looking for some inspiration on this new way of life for myself. Don’t get me wrong – it is inspiring to just see the changes I have made and how it affects my body. But everyone needs a little push every now and then. Think about sports teams – getting ready to play for the Super Bowl or the World Series…the coaches bring in inspirational speaker to inspire and motivate the players. But what’s the biggest motivation for those guys? The speaker or the “monetary incentive” if they win the big game? I am gonna bet most of those guys would say the money. Employees will work extra hard if they know there is a pay incentive involved (year end bonus). And while I would like to say my kids jump out of bed to complete their chores without prodding…I am the first to admit to bribery! And I’m not talking nickels and pennies, we are talking quarters here bub!

So I have a new incentive – when I reach my goal weight, my husband and I are heading to Bora Bora. And I’m not just throwing this out there. I am going to order my bathing suit (in my goal size) and I am looking at the best months to travel to BB (mine and Jacque’s cute abbreviation). I am going to visualize this trip whenever those S’more cupcakes in my kitchen start calling my name and when the urge to stay in bed seems stronger than my urge to exercise and when I start thinking it is just too hard. “BORA BORA BABY” will be my battle cry.

We all need something to hold on to, something that we keep in the front of our minds when times get tough. We can place those dreams in the sky, but now it’s our job to build the steps that lead to them. Every time I make a good food choice or exercise, I am building another step towards my dream. Do you have something that inspires you? Share it with me! Make it public and vocalize it (come and join me in shouting at the top of our lungs)!

Maybe I will look like a weirdo chanting “BO-RA BO-RA” as I lift weights at the gym or pin my bathing suit on my wall…but I bet I won’t look weird outside of my hut, floating on the crystal blue water with Jacques fanning me!

Love you guys immensely!

































































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