The Holiday Whirlwind!

Ok my babies! I made it through the holidays in one piece! Alright, I am going to be honest with you, I gained 8 pounds. And I really really tried!! In fact, I did great until after Christmas and up to New Years. I think I let my guard down. Everything was so busy and I was so caught up in what I was eating…and then when the whirlwind died down. It was just me. And the chocolates. And the breads. And, yes, I even ate cheese.

I love Christmas and I LOVE everything about Christmas. Our house always smells like fresh cookies (because my husband cooks them every day) and these cookies are always sitting on the table on a cute little Santa plate. And Santa was eyeing me every time I walked through the kitchen. He was just waiting, knowing I would be there, knowing I had to have a “fix” before the season ended. So I did eat a cookie. Just one, but it was a sugary, icing covered cookie. Then my brain started thinking, “If a cookie is ok, then surely a helping of macaroni and cheese is ok.”

It’s not easy changing our eating patterns, but we can do it. I can do it.

So where do I stand now? It’s like Melissa Hartwig, founder of the Whole30 eating program says…”Unless you physically trip and your face lands in a box of doughnuts, here is no such thing as a ‘slip’. It is always a choice!” That has stayed with me – it really is a choice. No one stands there and forces me to do anything. I make a choice and then I have to put my big girl panties on and deal with it.

So I am dealing with it. I am starting the Whole30 again this month. I want to center my thoughts on WHY I am eating like this and WHY I am getting up at 5:30 in the morning to exercise. It’s not for anyone else but ME!  I cannot beat myself up about my choices, I can only face them and deal with it. I know that I need this and I know that I can do this. How did you guys do over Christmas? If you messed up…forgive yourself and put it in the past! Put it behind you and let it help you become stronger and more determined.

Don’t get me wrong – I hate making mistakes, I hate feeling like I couldn’t complete something. But I have to realize…this is not a temporary change. This is a lifetime change. I am just beginning this journey. I am reminded of my great-niece who is trying to learn to walk. She’s going to fall, she’s going to trip on her own two feet until she masters the walk. Then the walk will become a skip and then the skip will become a run.

I am just learning how to walk on this journey. But watch out baby, my walk is going to turn into a run!! 8 pounds is NOT going to make me give up on myself. 8 pounds is nothing when I look at how far I have come!

Tell me how you did over the holidays. Be honest with yourself and LOVE yourself through it all!


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